Selection of Rifle Caliber in Rearming Process of the Serbian Army




multicriteria decision-making, DEX method, DEXi software, caliber, ammunition, cost-effectiveness


Research Question: This paper recommends the method for selecting the optimal ammunition caliber for the automatic rifle that will be used to equip Serbian Army units. Motivation/idea: The selection of adequate caliber does not only represent a challenge for the decision-makers in the military, but also provides information to the industry to adjust to given requests. In the current conditions, the purpose-built industry of the Republic of Serbia is faced with two key tasks that are completely correlated: meeting the needs of the Serbian Army for quality ammunition and being competitive on the market. Accordingly, the purpose of this paper is to develop a qualitative model based on the DEX method and DEXi software applied in the selection of caliber ammunition for automatic rifles for the needs of members of the Serbian Army. This paper connects for the first time the qualitative DEX method with a product of this industry. Data / Tools: In order to meet the requirements of the multi-criteria decision-making, we developed the DEX model to be used to solve the problem of making decisions about the selection of optimal caliber for rearming the Serbian Army, as well as its cost-effectiveness. The alternatives are calibers for automatic rifles 7.62 mm and 5.56 mm that are currently in use in the Serbian Army, as well as the new 6.5 mm caliber which has been announced by the expert authorities. We defined the selection of criteria functions from technical and logistic standpoints. Using the DEX method and DEXi software enables us to obtain independent recommendations by applying different criteria. Findings: Results of this research show that the caliber is a very important component when it comes to army’s armament. At the same time, this question poses a challenge for the sustainable development of the weapons industry. As the optimal caliber, among the offered, after processing the input data in the DEXi software, the authors propose a caliber of 5.56 mm. This caliber dominates in most criteria and as such, it represents the best choice. Contribution: This paper contributes to the creation of sustainable development policies on the national and regional levels and it helps the key decision-makers in the military make decisions. Results of such and similar research, and the fact that the international market has a growing need for ammunition of this caliber should be guidelines for the domestic weapons industry for future development and investment.

Author Biographies

Zeljko Jokic, Military Academy of the University of Defense in Belgrade

Željko Jokić, MSc, is a teaching assistant at the Department of Arms and Equipment of the Land Army at the Military Academy of the University of Defense in Belgrade. His research interests are related to defense management, armaments and shooting, multi-criteria decision making. The author has published more than 10 papers in national and international conference proceedings

Boris Delibasic, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Serbia

Boris Delibašić is a full professor at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Republic of Serbia. His research interests lie in data science, machine learning, business intelligence, multicriteria decision analysis, and decision support systems. He is a coordinator of the EWG-DSS. He was a guest lecturer on the Friedrich Schiller Uniersity of Jena, Germany, 2006 - 2011. He was awarded a Fulbright Visiting Scholar Grant in 2011. He has been principal investigator on projects from several research agencies (Swiss National Science Foundation, German academic exchange service, Office for Naval Research, Serbian Ministry of Science).


Aca Randjelovic, Military Academy of the University of Defense in Belgrade. 

Assistant Professor Aca Randjelovic, PhD, works at the Military Academy of the University of Defense in Belgrade, Serbia. He has published a large number of research papers in scientific journals at domestic and international conferences. His main research field is shooting theory.




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Jokic, Z., Delibasic, B., & Randjelovic, A. (2021). Selection of Rifle Caliber in Rearming Process of the Serbian Army. Management:Journal of Sustainable Business and Management Solutions in Emerging Economies, 29(1), 41–52.




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