Basic Management Functions in Culture and Arts Organisations

  • Dragoljub Raduški Faculty of Project and Innovation Management, Belgrade


In the last fifty years management has become a significant factor in the development of sectors that have no profit characteristics. The culture and arts organisations are aware of the need for management. However, various specific aspects of the artistic practice are the key issue regarding the implementation of management in culture and arts. The main problem in obtaining positive outcomes is the correct adjustment of management and art functions having in mind the relationship between the two. The management functions need to be implemented and applied in such a manner that art activities should not be compromised. Due to project orientation, lack of funding and environment changes, entrepreneurship has assumed a significant role in achieving the goals of culture and arts organisations. In less developed countries, the functions of management are not implemented in arts and culture to their full potential. One reason is the importance a given society assigns to arts and culture. Still, implementation of management is the fundamental assumption of faster development of artistic, organisational and technical modernization and financial stabilisation of culture and arts organisations.

Author Biography

Dragoljub Raduški, Faculty of Project and Innovation Management, Belgrade

Doc. dr Dragoljub Raduški is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Project and Innovation Management in Belgrade (Educons University), where he teaches Project management. His main research interests lie in the field of cultural management, where he focuses on project management in the theatre. He graduated at the Faculty of Economics (University in Belgrade), holds an MA degree at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts (University of Arts in Belgrade) and a PhD at the Faculty of Culture and Media (Megatrend University in Belgrade). Until now, he has published one book and a number of scientific and research papers in his field of professional expertise.

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