New Industrialization in Serbia – Reality or Delusion

  • Ljubodrag Savić University of Belgrade, the Faculty of Economics


The crucial question demanding answer is why are we once again focusing on industrialization as a strategic goal in a situation of global economic crisis, and in the perspective of the recovery of Serbian economy? In this discussion paper the difficulties that Serbian economy is facing are analyzed having in mind the historical perspective encompassing different social, political and economic circumstances and changes that Serbia underwent in the period after the Second World War. In this overall historical perspective, the development of industry and its overall effects on economic development in Serbia are analyzed. The prospects and economic effects to be expected from new industrialization policy measures are discussed.

Author Biography

Ljubodrag Savić, University of Belgrade, the Faculty of Economics

Born in Tripkovo, near Cajetina, in 1955. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade in 1980. Got the MSc degree in 1985, and the PhD degree in 1992. Has been teaching at the Faculty of Economics since 1981. Married, three children. Teaching commitments: Economics of industry. Gave lectures in Scientific and technological progress. Research interests: Industrial policy. Other professional activities: Manager of several projects on capital evaluation in the Centre for evaluation and auditing within NICEF - Scientific and research centre of the Faculty of Economics.

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Savić, L. (2014). New Industrialization in Serbia – Reality or Delusion. Management:Journal Of Sustainable Business And Management Solutions In Emerging Economies, 19(70), 59-64. doi:10.7595/management.fon.2014.0005