The Need for Standardization in SMEs Networks

  • Ivana Mijatovic University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences


Many SMEs networking initiatives failed because of the absence of trust among companies and between companies and government, leadership and management approaches as well as absence of entrepreneurial skills in managing business networks. Even though local governments or regional agencies have a capacity to mobilize actors from the public and private sectors, generic public initiatives are proved not to be enough. The private sector should also be supported in gathering around joint interests and solving their mutual problems, thus improving business and competitiveness. Research, management and policy instruments to support SMEs will need to have some other directions. Can standardization be one of the directions? The main objective of this paper is to present some aspects of need for standardization in SMEs networking initiatives. The solution to actual or potential matching problems (intended and expected to be used repeatedly or continuously, during a certain period, by a substantial number of parties for whom they are meant) can be formalized as standard. The standard development process can serve as basis for building connections and trust among cluster members. Even though some researche emphasizes the role of ad hoc de facto standards as well as standardization in the contexts of achievement of the optimum degree of order in SMEs networks, specific experience is evident in all cases, but experience in design of ad hoc de facto standards and standardization management are still missing.

Author Biography

Ivana Mijatovic, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences

Ivana Mijatovic is assistant professor at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade – Department of Quality Management and Standardization. She earned a B.Sc degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (University of Belgrade), and M.Sc and PhD degrees at the Faculty of
Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade. In her academic career, she has primarily focused on quality planning and engineering and standardization. She serves on the boards of the European Academy for Standardization (EURAS). Her current research interest addresses the issue of standardization and education about standardization (how to teach about standards), teaching quality and quality aspects of technology enhanced learning.

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