The Hierarchy of Segment Reports

  • Danilo Dorović Tedex doo


The article presents an attempt to find the connection between reports created for managers responsible for different business segments. With this purpose, the hierarchy of the business reporting segments is proposed. This can lead to better understanding of the expenses under common responsibility of more than one manager since these expenses should be in more than one report. The structure of cost defined per business segment hierarchy with the aim of new, unusual but relevant cost structure for management can be established. Both could potentially bring new information benefits for management in the context of profit reporting.

Author Biography

Danilo Dorović, Tedex doo

The author has written a number of articles considering the construction of management reports. He has a wide experience in business models, controlling, management and financial consulting, management reporting for different clients.

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Dorović, D. (2017). The Hierarchy of Segment Reports. Management:Journal Of Sustainable Business And Management Solutions In Emerging Economies, 20(75), 67-73. doi:10.7595/management.fon.2015.0013