Book review of: Living with the Monks by Jesse Itzler

  • Ivan Devedžić University of Belgrade, Serbia


Book review of: Living with the Monks by Jesse Itzler. New York: Center street, 2018. 304 pp ISBN 978-1478993421 (hardback)

Author Biography

Ivan Devedžić, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Ivan Devedzic is an IPMA certified Project Manager, composer and digital nomad. He has worked for a Y-Combinator backed, Silicon Valley start-up for almost 3 years, managing 10 cross-functional, remote teams of specialists from all over the world. During his tenure, he has worn multiple hats, but the majority of his work has revolved around creative project management. He has more than 750 successfully delivered projects under his belt.

Ivan graduated from 4 music schools, most recently from a certificate course at Musicians Institute - College of Contemporary Music in Los Angeles, where he lived for a year in 2017/18. It is around that time that he first started travelling while working remotely. He lived in 4 countries (on 3 continents) and has travelled to almost 50. His most recent stint was a 14-month long journey across Central America and South America, which involved diving throughout the Caribbean, hiking up dozens of volcanoes and much, much more.

Ivan is a passionate storyteller and is frequently involved in developing compelling narratives, solutions, audio and visuals. As a co-founder of 2 former start-ups, he is no stranger to entrepreneurship either and is currently focusing on personal projects, mentoring and public speaking. He obtained his BSc and MSc degrees at the University of Belgrade, where he recently taught his first class, as a guest lecturer. Ivan is a big NBA fan, he is passionate about fitness and is obsessed with growth and reaching his full potential. For book recommendations, business inquiries or just to chat, feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn or send him an e-mail at .

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