Behavioural Finance and Its Postulates

  • Milena Vučinić Atlas Mont Investment Funds Management Company


The reasons for dealing with the chosen topic can be found in the fact that there is a certain number of anomalies, system errors and conduct leaving the frames of rational behaviour, not being included and presented synthetically within a concise scientific work. Instead, the analysis deals with definite, already identified postulates of behavioural economics and finance. During the research, induction, deduction, comparative and abstraction methods are used. The challenge of the research lies in the identification of those system errors, partialities and behaviours deviating from postulates of rational, typical for classical finance, not being covered by standard behavioural, economic and finance literature. However, the challenge is even bigger because of the fact that it deals with answers to demands of universality and conciseness. Its greatest importance is reflected in the extent of identified and processed anomalies decision makers face, as well as in the identification and description of factors implying absence of rationality during the decision making process.

Author Biography

Milena Vučinić, Atlas Mont Investment Funds Management Company

Milena Vučinić is a master of technical sciences – field of organizational sciences for the financial risk management. She is a licensed broker, dealer, portfolio manager and PR consultant. She has fifteen years of work experience on the capital market, she worked as an authorized broker and dealer in Monte Adria Broker Diler – Podgorica, and for the last nine years she has been working as a portfolio manager at Atlas Mont Investment Fund in Podgorica. Apart from that, she also works as a deputy officer for money laundering prevention.In the period from 2006 to 2009 she worked as an editor of economy programme at Atlas Television, as well as an author and presenter of ‘’Business, money and profit’’ TV programme where she prepared
reports and presented events from Montenegrin stock exchange. Her programme and stock exchange reports were taken and broadcast by a business television Kapital TV from Zagreb, Croatia. While working she improved her professional knowledge and skills by visiting significant financial institutions and corporations in Europe where she attended numerous seminars and lectures.

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