Current State and Impact of Strategic Planning Activities on Entrepreneurs’ Financial Performance: Case of Serbia

  • Danijela Stošić Panić University of Niš, Faculty of Economics


Research Question: The study was designed to explore the current state and the importance of strategic planning for entrepreneurs in the Republic of Serbia. Motivation:  Recognizing that different levels of sophistication of planning activity exist in small businesses (Bracker & Pearson, 1986), the positive impact of this managerial activity on entrepreneurial performance (Gibbons & O’Connor, 2005), as well as the fact that this is an underexplored research field (Parnell, Long & Lester, 2015), the research was undertaken in order to address these issues in the Serbian context. The paper aims to identify the features of strategic planning performed by Serbian entrepreneurs and the relation of this activity to their financial performance. By exploring the current state of these issues, the paper will point out directions for its improvement.  Idea: The research has been conducted with a main goal to explore the characteristics of the strategic planning undertaken by Serbian entrepreneurs and its impact on their financial performance. With an increasing importance of female entrepreneurship and going-on studies examining gender differences across different aspects of managerial behaviour of entrepreneurs, the paper investigates the existence of gender- based differences in strategic planning practice between female and male entrepreneurs in Serbia.  Data:  A random sample of 327 SMEs’ owners and individuals registered as entrepreneurs was drawn out of the Serbian Business Register Agency’s database. A questionnaire containing nine-itemed scale for evaluating the features of strategic planning of Serbian entrepreneur s was developed using the online platform  Google Docs. One hundred and one entrepreneurs from the sample responded, thus providing the data for further analysis. The data on financial performance of respondents were obtained from their publicly available financial statements.  Tools: Several statistical methods were used for testing the proposed hypotheses such as descriptive statistics measures, Cronbach alpha measure of scale’s internal consistency, one sample t-test, simple linear regression, Shapiro-Wilk test of normality and nonparametric Mann-Whitney U test. The data were analyzed in SPSS, Version 22. Findings: As it was expected, strategic planning is an underdeveloped activity among Serbian entrepreneurs. But surprisingly, although hypothesized, there were no gender-based differences regarding this aspect of managerial behaviour of entrepreneurs. The study also suggests that strategic planning contributes to financial performance of Serbian entrepreneurs. The results obtained on Serbian sample are comparable with others presented in relevant literature and obtained in other contexts. By tackling these issues, the paper reveals some areas of the strategic management academic courses and training programmes for entrepreneurs that should be emphasized in order that the competitiveness of the small business sector should be improved.  Contribution: This paper contributes to both the strategic management and entrepreneurship literature, thus filling the research gap that exists regarding the strategic management practice in small businesses.

Author Biography

Danijela Stošić Panić, University of Niš, Faculty of Economics

Danijela Stošić Panić is an assistant professor for the scientific field of Business Management. Her main research interests lie in strategic management, production management and entrepreneurship. Danijela’s research results are presented in over 40 papers published in international and domestic scientific journals. She is an author of one university textbook and a co-author of a monograph. She was a visiting scholar at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and at the Karl Franzens University of Graz. As a PhD student she received a national scholarship awarded by the Serbian Ministry of Science and Technological Development. Danijela is and has been involved in numerous domestic and international scientific projects. She is a reviewer in the process of accreditation and quality assurance of higher education institutions in the Republic of Serbia.

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Stošić Panić, D. (2020). Current State and Impact of Strategic Planning Activities on Entrepreneurs’ Financial Performance: Case of Serbia. Management:Journal Of Sustainable Business And Management Solutions In Emerging Economies, 25(2), 41-52. doi:10.7595/management.fon.2019.0010