Student Perception of Benefits from Being Engaged in International Case Study Competitions

  • Vesna Damnjanovic Faculty of Organizational Sciences University of Belgrade
  • Ivana Mijatovic Faculty of Organizational Sciences University of Belgrade


The main aim of this research paper is to present experience of the students who participated in international business case competitions from Serbia. The findings indicate the six main benefits for students at case competitions are: skills improvement, knowledge, contacts, self-realization, employment opportunity and the role of mentor. Additionally, we identified some perceived advantages of domestic students compared to colleagues/students from developed countries: presentation, preparation for competition, creativity, multidisciplinary approach to problems and teamwork, while the perceived advantages of colleagues/students from developed countries are: more advanced business environment, the availability of multiple sources for learning, more practical experience, student exchange programs, larger budgets and university reputation. This paper shows the innovative way of active learning for business schools through business case competitions valuably contributes to gaining skills and knowledge, personal improvement for students and better preparing them for their future career

Author Biographies

Vesna Damnjanovic, Faculty of Organizational Sciences University of Belgrade

Vesna Damnjanovic is associate professor at the Marketing Department at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences University of Belgrade. She gained her Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing at the Chartered Institute of Marketing in United Kingdom. Her research focus is concentrated on: Education using Case Study Method, Active Learning and Teaching with Cases, CRM in marketing and sales, Destination Branding. She teaches at undergraduate, graduate and MBA level: Strategic Marketing, International Marketing, Brand Management, Sales Management and Case Study Analysis. She is founder and Managing Director of Belgrade Business International Case Competition - BBICC – top 12 business case competition in the world and coach for many winning student teams in case competitions at global level.

Ivana Mijatovic, Faculty of Organizational Sciences University of Belgrade

Ivana Mijatovic is associate professor at Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade. She earned B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (University of Belgrade), M.Sc and PhD at Faculty of Organizational Sciences at University of Belgrade. For much of her academic career, she has focused on quality management and standardization. She is passionate teacher, on bachelor studies she teaches Standardization, Quality Engineering and Quality Planning, on master and PhD studies she teaches Standardization and ICT Standardization. She serves on the boards of the European Academy for Standardization (EURAS) and Balkan Coordination Committee for Standardization, Protypes and Quality (BCC).  Her current academic work addresses the question of standardization, education about standardization, teaching quality and quality aspects of technology enhanced learning.

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Damnjanovic, V., & Mijatovic, I. (2017). Student Perception of Benefits from Being Engaged in International Case Study Competitions. Management:Journal Of Sustainable Business And Management Solutions In Emerging Economies, 22(2), 61-72. doi:10.7595/management.fon.2017.0017