Dear readers, authors and reviewers,

We are progressing towards a new platform for our journal. It is to enable transparent, automatized double-blind review, more secure and functional environment for all stakeholders of our journal. Editorial board will make best efforts to make most important functions online by the 28th of April, and solve rest, hopefully, minor onboarding issues for the new platform by the end of May of 2017th. We own the deepest gratitude to the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, especially to the Dean Prof. Milija Suknović, Vice-Dean for Finance and Administration and previous Editor-in-Chief Prof. Aleksandar Marković, as well as to our IT colleagues Bojan Jovanović and Uroš Šošević for all the support.

In the meantime, you can find old issues archives on temporary location:

Temporary archive

Please be aware that information and data on that website will be rendered obsolete, and the archive of the issues will be transferred on this platform